Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seminar 2 feedback (from Greger) - groups A/B


About 23 of you joined the seminar groups A and B today. We were two teachers, Mohammad (A) and Greger (B). We think you did a nice job in bringing discussion topics with you to the seminar and reflecting upon them in the smaller groups.

We were also pleased to get a better personal contact with you than what is possible during the lectures. I (Greger) hope (and require) that you will all come to the following seminar(s), be open, express your views and ask questions.

At the very end of the seminar today you filled out a quiz (a very light exam) concerning concepts that have been covered during the lectures by Brandt, Wangel and Finnveden. I checked all of the 23 handed in quizzes with the aim of finding out if your answers were 'more right than wrong'. I actually did find that all of you were more in the right than in the wrong for at least 2 of the 3 questions! As far as I can see, that means that you were all good enough.

However, there are always things to discuss, both in terms of formulating questions and in answering them. Therefore I suggest that when you come to the next seminar (with me and a colleague of mine), you should have looked up appropriate answers for those questions you felt uncertain about today. OK?

Greger Henriksson

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