Friday, September 7, 2012

Seminar 2 feedback (from Greger) - groups C/D

Dear students,

about 21 of you joined the seminar groups C and D today, Friday. We (Greger and Miriam) were happy to see you and also think that you did a good job during the seminar both regarding you bringing interesting discussion topics to the seminar as well as reflecting upon them in the smaller discussion groups. It is also very nice to get to know you a bit better than is possible during the lectures. I (Greger) hope (and require) that you will all come to the following seminar(s), that you are open, express your views and ask questions.

At the very end of the seminar today you filled out a quiz (a very light exam) concerning concepts from the 3 lectures by Brandt, Wangel and Finnveden. We checked your quizzes and are happy to say that nearly all of you passed with flying colours! In the cases of you missing a bit too much, we will contact you and ask you to complete an additional task.

Greger Henriksson and Miriam Börjesson Rivera

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