Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home exam - dates

This is how the home exam will work.

The last week of the course (two weeks from now) looks like this:
- Lecture (panel debate, "images of the future") on Mon Oct 8
- Seminar on Tue Oct 9
- Lecture (summary/wrap-up) on Wed Oct 10

The following week (Mon Oct 15 - Sat Oct 20) is exam period.

The home exam in this course will be "handed out" (possible to download from Bilda) on Tue Oct 9 (in the afternoon, after the seminar) and should be "handed in" (uploaded to Bilda) on Fri Oct 12 at 19.00 at the latest.

That means you will have slightly more than three days to do the exam and you will thus be done with it before your other exams the following week.

I hope this will be a good solutions for all (or most) of you.



  1. Why can't we have the exam during the exam period?

  2. The home exam will hover over you during a major part of the exam period - why would you want that rather than be done with it right before the exam period? It seems to me other courses are winding down the week before the exam period (Oct 8-12) so that seems like a good time to do the home exam in my mind.

    Other opinions from other students?

  3. It sounds good to have the home exam before the actual exam period.

  4. Ok.

    I tested/proposed the idea for one of my seminar groups and no-one opposed it - that was my go-ahead signal.