Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lecture 3 - Sept 4 (15-17) - Göran Finnveden


Time and place: Tuesday September 4, 15-17 in lecture hall D1.

Title: "Global environmental and sustainability challenges"
Guest: Göran Finnveden, Professor and Vice-President for Sustainable Development at KTH

Talk: What are the major global environmental challenges and threats that humanity faces on its way towards sustainable development? What is the scientific background to these challenges and threats? What are the drivers? And, what can be done to mitigate them?

About: Göran Finnveden is a professor in Environmental Strategic Analysis. His research background is in the development and use of environmental systems analysis tools and environmental policy. Application areas include building, energy, ICT, transportation and waste management. Since 2011 he is also vice-president for sustainable development at KTH.

Literature to read before the lecture:

- Mulders (2006). Sustainable development for engineers: A Handbook and Resource Guide. Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield, UK. Chapter 2, "Why is the current world system unsustainable?" (pages 24-64).
Note: the book is available as an e-book through the KTH library system Primo. I don't know what the restrictions are (I assume you can only reach the e-book when you connect to/through KTH's library/computer networks).

- Rockström, Johan et. al. (2009). A safe operating space for humanity. Nature (Vol.461), pp 472-475.
Note: Available in Bilda.

- United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) (2012). Global Environmental Outlook, 5th online edition. Read the 5 "Main Messages" in the book (link above) on pages 31, 66, 98-99, 134 and 168.

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