Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lecture 1 - Aug 29 (15-17) - Nils Brandt

Time and place: Wed Aug 29, 15-17 in lecture hall D2.

Title: "Sustainable development - and the role of technology?"
Guest: Nils Brandt, Associate professor in Industrial Ecology (KTH).

Talk: I will discuss different frames and aspects of sustainable development, especially based on the Brundtland definition. I will also focus on the role of technology for societal development and especially focus on sustainable development. What are the challenges for technological development from a perspective of sustainability? 

About: Nils Brandt divides his time between research and teaching in a masters program called "sustainable technology" at the School for Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM) at KTH. His research mainly focuses on local action and strategies for climate mitigation, especially on the level of urban district.

- Mulders (2006). Sustainable development for engineers. Chapter 1, "Why do we need sustainability?".
- United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) (2012). Global environmental outlook, 5th online edition. Parts of chapter 1, "Drivers" (pdf);
     - pages 4-5 (from "Main messages" until "Quantity") - i.e. not including text about "Quantity"
     - pages 10-13 (from "Economic development" until "Diets")
     - pages 15-16 (from "Quality" until "Transport")
     - pages 20-26 (from "Quality" until the end of the chapter)

Note: Chapter 1 from Mulders will be handed out on paper at the introductory lecture (Tue Aug 28). The whole book is available as an e-book through the KTH library system Primo. I don't know what the restrictions are (I assume you can only reach the e-book when you connect through KTH's computer networks).

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