Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lecture 2 - Sept 3 (15-17) - Josefin Wangel

Time and place: Monday September 3, 15-17 in lecture hall V1.

Title: "This is not sustainable development"
Guest: Josefin Wangel, Idealistic researcher with a Ph.D. from KTH in Planning and Decision Analysis with a specialization in Environmental Strategic Analysis.

Talk: What are the challenges of sustainable urban development? And why is sustainability so hard to achieve? In this lecture we explore the concept of sustainable development, its historical roots and how it is interpreted, enacted and used in contemporary practice.

About: Josefin Wangel divides her time between FMS (the Division of Environmental Strategies Research) and CESC (the Centre for Sustainable Communications) at KTH. Her research focuses on how scenarios can be used to support sustainable urban development. Another main research interest is socio-technical perspectives on energy systems and consumption practices, and how this relates to policy and planning. Josefin presented her Ph.D. thesis, "Making Futures: On targets, measures and governance in backcasting and planning" (pdf file) earlier this year.

- Connelly, Steve. (2007). Mapping Sustainable Development as a Contested Concept. Local Environment, Vol.12, No.3, 259-278. 
Note: the article is available in Bilda - you only need to read pages 259-268.

- Carrhuthers, D. (2005). From Opposition to Orthodoxy: The Remaking of Sustainable Development, In: Dryzek, J.S. & Schlosberg, D., (2005) "Debating the Earth: The Environmental Politics Reader", New York: Oxford University Press.
Note: Available in Bilda.


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