Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seminar groups

The class will be divided into four seminar groups (A, B, C, D). Group A/B will always meet the same time and group C/D will always meet the same time. I unfortunately designed the seminar group schedule taking into account that 25% of the class would take the course DM2574 - something that apparently has changed recently! Here is the schedule:

Group A/B will meet:
- Fri Aug 31 at 13-15
- Wed Sept 5 at 8-10
- Thu Sept 13 at 15-17
- Tue Sept 18 at 10-12
- Thu Sept 27 at 13-15
- Thu Oct 4 at 13-15
- Tue Oct 9 at 10-12

Group C/D will meet

- Fri Aug 31 at 15-17
- Fri Sept 7 at 8-10
- Fri Sept 14 at 13-15
- Tue Sept 18 at 8-10
- Thu Sept 27 at 10-12
- Fri Oct 5 at 13-15 - Do note that it erroneously said Oct 4 in my slide at the introductory lecture (which is not possible as it collides with group A/B) 
- Tue Oct 9 at 13-15

Everyone who went to the introductory lecture today chose a seminar group to join. These groups are unfortunately pretty unbalanced at the moment (2/3 chose group A/B and only 1/3 chose group C/D). The default now is that you will automatically join group C/D - you should have a very good reason for joining group A/B instead!

If you haven't joined a group, please talk to me tomorrow right before or after the lecture.


  1. How/when do we know which group we belong to? for example, a or b? (to upload the assignment in the right file)


  2. I will post that tomorrow. Either before or after the lecture (so people who couldn't come today will get a 2nd chance). Anyway, keep your eyes open for a blog post on this topic tomorrow.