Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seminar group members

Below are lists with seminar groups members. Your group membership is important so that you upload the assignment for seminar 1 (Fri 31) into the right Bilda folder tomorrow (Thu 30).

Also see an earlier blog post for info about which seminars you should attend. Do note that it's ok to change seminar group once or perhaps even twice during the course if the need arises.

Do get in touch with me if your name isn't in the lists below! /Daniel

Seminar group A:
- Philip A
- Sanna C
- Po-Yu C
- Joel F
- Pedro F H B
- Connie H M
- Veronika J
- Andrew L
- Lidija M
- Miguel R C
- Andreas R
- Mattias Ö

Seminar group B:
- Jacob C
- Daniel E
- Susanne F
- Emma F
- Niklas F
- Lars G
- Johannes H N
- Beatrice J
- Mikael J
- Jonas J
- Simon K
- Terese N
- Simon R

Seminar group C:
- Sabina A
- Clas E
- Bobby F
- Maksym F
- Håkan F
- Alexander H
- Antonio L
- Eleftheria E P
- Gustav R
- Carl O S
- Lydia W
- Chen W
- Huai W
- Markus W

Seminar group D
- Andreas A
- Henrik B
- Sara G
- Viktor H
- Donna H
- Richard L
- Manuel M V
- Javier M V
- Baptiste O
- Anne S
- Jussi S
- Simon W
- Viktor W
- Severin P W


  1. Hello,

    I'v noticed that there is an error in Bilda for group A. I can't upload my document in group A because the deadline is set to 20 aug 13.00, but all other groups upload function works just fine. Can you fix this ASAP? I have no time to upload it tomorrow since I need to be elsewhere until our lecture starts.

    Best Regards
    Andreas Rehn