Thursday, October 11, 2012

Extended deadline for home exam

We finished the course yesterday by spending the last 45 minutes on a "gripe session" (≈course evaluation). I'm happy so many turned up for the summary/wrap-up despite the fact that you could have stayed home and worked on the home exam.

It seemed several persons were unhappy with the (short) deadline for the home exam and would have wanted to have longer time. Despite my personal doubts, I couldn't really hear anyone who thought it was good to have 3, rather than say 5 or 7 days to write the home exam. So perhaps my personal doubts were wrong.

Fortunately this can easily be amended so I hereby extend the deadline for handling in the home exam until Tuesday Oct 16 at 19.00 - also proving that it was a wise investment of your time to show up at the summary/wrap-up yesterday (yes, I'm talking about you Pedro!).

Do note that this does not necessarily mean that you should spend more time (absolute hours) on the exam, but the time you spend will be more spaced out.

This should also partially fix the problem of some people wanting the the home exam to actually lie in the exam period/week, rather than the week preceding the exam period.

Also note that you can post questions about the exam in the form a comment to this blog posts. There were a few questions about how to interpret the home exam questions yesterday, but they for some reasons only turned up during the break.


  1. Hi!
    Where in bilda are we supposed to upload the home exam? "My doucuments"?


  2. Hi,

    I have a question belonging to question 3 (sustainability perspectives): I hardly can tell the difference between the two discourses. Can you help me to understand it?

    And belonging question 3a): Do we have to find examples in the literature and refer to them or what is your expectation?


  3. Hi, I have a question regarding question 4 in the exam.
    The instruction says

    "Your task is to briefly propose four consequences for ICT and media if we take Heinberg's message..."

    What I'm wondering is if we should take consequences of a non sustainable world where we could find solutions to these problems through ICT and media


    present for consequences with a negative impact on sustainability caused by ICT and media, as if the question was
    "Your task is to briefly propose four consequences _OF_ ICT and media if we take Heinberg's message..."

    /Carl Oskar

  4. Lidija: Bilda/Contents/Home exam (folder that will accept uploaded files.

    Anne: Slightly exaggerated:
    Perspective 1 - climate change sure is bad - if we all just switch to energy saving light bulbs and turn off all the lights for one hour ever year (i.e. Earth hour)... That is, we can fix our current problems almost without any effort or pain
    Perspective 2 - this is how much carbon we can release and still be pretty sure we'll stay below 2 degrees warming; so what do we need to do to accomplish that? Abolish private cars - sure thing!


    Carl Oskar: None of the above. Perhaps I was a little unclear in my formulation? Heinberg proposes some "ground rules" for sustainability/a sustainable society. What would a society that tries to stay within the Heinberg's proposed boundaries look like? More specifically; taking Heinberg's five principles seriously, what would be the/some consequences for ICT and Media?

  5. hi,

    So, can I understand the 3a as:
    For most of materials in the course, the authors would discouse some problem and solution. And, those opinions could be classified into either "discourse 1" or "discours 2".
    Basically, we just need to find them out ,and do the right classification ,and arrange them with priority.

    For question 4, can I say that:
    ICT has brougnt some conseuqences. Our task is to examine these consequences with the 5 principle. (?)



  6. Po-Yu:
    Q3: Well, I think you reduced/streamlined the question a little more than I would like to do, but basically, yes, you are right.

    Q4: No, not really. More like this: "If we take Heinberg's article (proposal) seriously, the implications for ICT and media would be..."

  7. Hi Daniel (and everyone else!),

    A short question, is there a possibility to have diagrams or illustrations on the exam?

  8. Sure, why not.

    I guess you get to include them "for free" within reasonable limits (i.e. does not count towards the limitations in words/pages - as they do not add to the time (and cognitive load) we will need to read your exams to any higher extent).

  9. Hi,

    I wonder if it's ok to refer to my previous answers like; "As i mentioned in question two..." ??

  10. When will we get the results from the Home exam?